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Your Guide to Cutting Die Reverse Engineering

Consumers requirements and business approaches are ever changing. Reverse engineering plays a crucial role to keep pace with these changes and ensure continued development, especially in the production process. But, what does this process entails? How can it help? Here is your quick guide to cutting die reverse engineering.  Reverse engineering looks into the physical […]

What is the Importance of Cutting Die Maintenance?

Well-maintained dies are one of the most important aspects of the cutting die industry. It’s essential for dies to have regular maintenance in order to produce good parts without delays — and dies that do not function correctly are unacceptable! Dies are assembled from parts that must work together and should be designed correctly since […]

Why You Should Choose ICD for Cutting Die Rebuilding?

When the majority of business operations relies on machines, a piece of non-performing equipment poses risks of operational disturbance and loss. Most sites with cutting dies cannot afford a broken or ill-functioning station because it can affect other phases of the entire production or process. When having your cutting dies for repair, rebuilding or reconditioning, […]

What is a Customized Rotary Die Cutting Stations and Why You Need it?

What is a rotary die cutting? Die cutting is a precise and versatile cutting and forming solution to produce forms, shapes, and cuts according to product specifications. Most die cutters can work on different materials from plastics, metal, fabric, and foil. Rotary die cutting (and other die cutting processes) made it a salient part of […]

Cutting Die Maintenance Essentials and Its Importance in Business

Machine maintenance is necessary for continuous functioning, especially where production is always a critical part of the business. For rotary die cutting system, lack of station care can spell not only loss of equipment investment. It can also disrupt production and profit. We came with a discussion of the essentials of cutting die maintenance and […]

Die Cutting, its Importance in the Industry

New Developments are made to improve production speeds, quality and customer satisfaction. Increasing demand comes to a rapidly growing need for better and faster technology in all trade sectors. Die Cutting, a constantly evolving finishing technique that relied heavily on its field relevance. Die Cutting Machines are used to cut/emboss different materials from paper, vinyl, […]

Understanding Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is often used to make unique shapes from plastic, foam and rubber materials. It’s important to consider all specific project requirements before starting a die cutting project since there are several different types of services. Whether it’s Flatbed, Digital and Rotary Die Cutting, look for the best fit for the project because each […]

How to Maintain a Functional and Profitable Rotary Die?

A rotary die cutter is a serious investment that is an essential part of the production process. Its malfunction can mean loss not only of your investment, but also of your possible profit. While a piece of equipment is susceptible to wearing and tearing, there are a few things that you can do as an […]

Everything You Need To Know About Die Cutting

Die Cutting remains in the shadows of its finished products. The engineering and design that goes into it and the skills of building and maintaining stations are shrouded with the convenience it brings through its produced objects— as it should be. Many of the products that we enjoy on a daily basis have gone through […]

Why ICD is a Leader of Die Supply Industry?

Teaming with the right organization makes businesses unstoppable and ready to take on the company to the next level of success. While results are optimum, getting there can be challenging. Choosing the best firm to partner with can be baffling, especially in the die supply industry where design meets functionality requires a supplier that provides […]