Why ICD is a Leader of Die Supply Industry?

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Teaming with the right organization makes businesses unstoppable and ready to take on the company to the next level of success. While results are optimum, getting there can be challenging. Choosing the best firm to partner with can be baffling, especially in the die supply industry where design meets functionality requires a supplier that provides integrated services with product quality and customer satisfaction is a priority. We can list down all the things that make us a great ally for you, but it is far more important that we show you what we can do for you.

A Wide Array of Design Capacities

International Cutting Die (ICD) leads the die supply industry by promoting a full stack of design capabilities that bring your businesses competitive advantages. Our team, armed with state-of-the-art tools serves businesses under any commerce from installation to change and maintenance. You’ll get access to the most modern rotary cutting dies with unlimited configurations and create complex and intricate die patterns and reliefs to suit your needs and specifications.

Leading-edge Machinery and Equipment

Expediting work here at ICD are our reliable machinery and equipment. We don’t only have these tools to create designs, we also collaborate with you in installing and managing your die cutting stations for your operating needs. We customize your die cutting stations, according to product details. The ICD team can likewise rebuild your existing stations, reconditioning equipment regardless of supplier. It’ll help you meet industry standards, improve efficiency and productivity and extend cutting lifetime.

Professional Staff and Experts

Although we have been in operation only in 2002, our team has an aggregate experience of almost 100 years covering traditional to modern approaches that you could exploit. That is, our experiences honed our skills to put your design and engineering visions into a working reality. Our experts conduct product evaluation to ensure that our product effectively translates to answering your demands and preferences.

Expansive Industry Coverage

We have the capabilities and technology to service different commerce and trades. ICD has served non-wovens, paper converting firms and the medical industry, helping them augment their operations. We don’t categorize projects as big or small, we make sure that we provide excellent service to all. Our team handles products with large sizes, different kinds of materials used and differing machine speeds. With each assignment, we take it as an opportunity for learning and expanding our portfolio, while fulfilling your needs.


Treading through the die cutting supply market can get overwhelming and puzzling for some. Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you out and walk you through the whole process. Contact us at 7083433333 or email your queries to info@icd-inc.com.