Why You Should Choose ICD for Cutting Die Rebuilding?

rotary die station

When the majority of business operations relies on machines, a piece of non-performing equipment poses risks of operational disturbance and loss. Most sites with cutting dies cannot afford a broken or ill-functioning station because it can affect other phases of the entire production or process. When having your cutting dies for repair, rebuilding or reconditioning, here are the reasons why International Cutting Die should be your provider.


Full Die Rebuilding Service

International Cutting Die has in-house mechanics and engineers trained to provide a spectrum of service to build and rebuild your die cutting machines. Since our founding in 2002, we have helped numerous businesses redesign their cutting die stations. It enabled them to save tons of their investments on equipment as we repurpose their machines into powerful beasts customized to their business needs. Our engineers are also equally capable of reconditioning your cutting dies from any supplier. Depending on your needs and specifications, we upgrade them to tailor-fit any production requirements. It includes disassembling, parts inspection and replacement to reassembling.


Quick turnaround

In every business, time is always essential. Short delays can mean a significant loss to the firm. Hence, we practice a quick turnaround time with all our projects. Save from exceptional cases, our normal turnaround time for rebuilding services is five business days. Our experts will exert every possible effort to ensure the least amount of disruption on operations as we work on your machine. You also have the option to have your machinery or its components repaired, built or reconditioned on your site or on our facility. We think of your convenience and satisfaction every step of the way.  


Maximized benefits

We provide a triad of vital benefits for you. First, we extend the life of your dies that saves up on maintenance expenses. You make use of your surplus on other important units of the operations. It also cuts down the number of issues to address in the production process. Second, it ensures proper functionality. You should not put up with a weak functioning machine and make-up for it by compromising your human capital or other production aspects. Third, our results and practices meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, which assures that we only use the best parts for your machine.

When you want quality and speed, set up a consultation with us and know more of the services we can do for you.