What is a Customized Rotary Die Cutting Stations and Why You Need it?

rotary die

What is a rotary die cutting?

Die cutting is a precise and versatile cutting and forming solution to produce forms, shapes, and cuts according to product specifications. Most die cutters can work on different materials from plastics, metal, fabric, and foil. Rotary die cutting (and other die cutting processes) made it a salient part of a business’ product and service production.


What is rotary die cutting station?

A rotary cutting die station or machine is one of the basic types of die cutting stations. The machine has a cylindrical die that is attached to the rotary press. The rotary die contains the cutters specifically designed to produce the desired shape or cut on the material. Against it is a cylindrical anvil serving as the flat surface that counters the rotary die’s pressure on the material. In between these two rollers, the material such as cardboard, plastic or metal is fed.


Why customize your rotary die station?


  • High-volume production

One of the benefits of rotary die cutting is its capacity for high-volume production in contrast to other cutting dies. Customizing your rotary die not only provides you with the required cut or shape for your product, but also ensure that you produce the right amount to suit your inventory and distribution requirements.


  • Tailored to product specification

Some businesses have complicated cutting demands or have unique designs that are exclusive to their brand. Customizing your rotary die cutting stations allows you to fit the machine with the demands of exclusive designs, helping you create iconic products. It enhances both its functionality as well as your product identity.


  • Reconfiguration instead of purchasing

Die cutting service provider such as the International Cutting Die offers reconfiguration services on existing rotary die machines. Instead of getting a new station, service providers can help you retrofit existing ones. It’ll help you save on equipment investment by your working rotary cutting dies that are already in place.  


  • Easier operation mechanism

A customized rotary cutting die further enables you to a simplified operation. In fact, some machines need less human intervention once its program is set. This automated process gives you more opportunity to maximize your manpower, while still ensuring quality outputs from the station.


To know more about how customized rotary die stations can help your brand, talk to die cutting station experts for consultation. International Cutting Die is a trusted partner of hundreds of businesses that can provide you guidance on tailor-fitted rotary dies.